How many types of loans are available?

There are different types of loans available with us like car loans, home loans, personal loans, payday loans and remortgage loans. We assist people from all walks of life with loans suitable according to their profile.

Who can take these loans?

Any UK citizen above the age of 18 years with a regular income can take these loans.

How many types of personal loans are there?

Secured personal loans, unsecured personal loans and bad credit personal loans are available with us.

Where from can we get these loans?

We are affiliated with reputed lenders through them you will get these loans. We assist and guide everyone in identifying a suitable lender from our list of affiliated lenders according to their profile and need.

What are the purposes for which we can get personal loans and debt consolidation loans?

For any domestic and business purpose the personal loans could be availed. The debt consolidation loans are arranged to clear all the existing loans and it converts the number of loans into a single large amount loan with long tenure.

What would be the rate of interest on these loans?

The interest rates vary t loan to loan. We assure everyone to get the lowest interest rate available in the market. Our expert team is versatile in identifying the lender who lends money for lower interest rates. The profile of the applicant plays a vital role in fixing the interest rate.

Can we get these loans without having the bank account?

We require an active bank account to sanction these loans.

I am not employed, can I take these loans?

Having job is not a matter, freelancers, consultants and self employed people can apply for these loans. If someone has regular source of income, that is enough for us to assist him for a loan.

Is there any need of documents?

No, not at all, there is no need of sending or faxing documents. Just by forwarding a duly filled online application available in our website will do for us.


It has come to our attention that fraudsters are claiming to represent us with the aim of defrauding loan applicants.

WE DO NOT CHARGE upfront fees for any of our loan products and recommend that you DO NOT send any payments via UKash, Western Union, Paypal or by any other means to these people or anyone else purporting to act on our behalf or any other UK based loan or broker companies!

Please contact us if you have any concerns about this.